About Curated Today

Working in retail, it’s important to be informed with what’s going on around us. Curated Today provides not only industry-relevant news, but also accessible, uncovered consumer insight and exclusive advice from relevant experts in order to empower MENA retail industry experts with the data needed to succeed.

Curated Today was launched in 2020 by Founder, Judy Daghestani, in order to fill the gaps that she experienced while working in luxury marketing in Dubai since 2013. “The platform is meant to be a valuable tool to complement retail strategies moving forward. After users read our content, I want them to leave the site having learned a new fact or feeling inspired to start a new project.”

Curated Today highlights:

  • Regional and industry-related news
  • Opinion pieces by the Curated Today team and third-party editors
  • Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders
  • New and emerging brands in MENA
  • Startups’ and established corporations’ developments
  • Regional career tips and opportunities

Curated Today regularly extracts and analyzes credible primary and secondary sources to offer tailored insight, making it a regional leading platform that showcases centralized knowledge on a consistent basis.

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What People Are Saying

“It was an honor for Myriam and I to be interviewed by Rohma. We love listening to the podcast, so it was even more exciting to be part of it.”

Sofia Guellaty

Editor in Chief, MILLE WORLD, UAE

“Curated amplifies the most informative voices in fashion and retail in the region, revealing as much about the socioeconomic landscape as about the industry itself.”

Leila Mafoud

Cofounder, The Rondeau, NYC/CH

“With Curated Today, the region has a greater presence and voice. The content is well researched, thoughtfully presented and enjoyable to read.”

Dana Mortada

Cofounder, EASTWAVE Concept, USA

“I love how Curated Today created a hub for our industry that caters to everyone. Having Instagram, podcasts and a website that coincide consistently is beautiful.”

Haya Akhdar

Founder, HFA Consultancy, UAE

“Curated Today offers reliable and informative content that is thoroughly curated.”

Sandra Abi Chahine

Communications Consultant, Kuwait/UAE

“In a moment when retail is on its knees, Curated Today brings the kind of real, uplifting and innovative topics we all need right now.”

Qasim Safraz

Retail Manager, Dunhill, UAE

“Highly appreciate this credible news source that provides relevant information to the regional industry.”

Ashley Al Busmait

Blogger, UAE

“It’s been so hard to find insightful information relevant to this region. This shows the rest of the world what we’re doing while breaking any misconceptions.”

Carmel Gill

Creative Stylist, UAE

“So excited there’s finally a platform to get consumer insights in the region on all things retail, luxury and fashion.”

Razan Majdalawieh

Content Manager, Huda Beauty, UAE

“I loved it. The information is very useful and very relevant!”

Iman Fawaz

Group Commercial Digital Lead, Harper's Bazaar, UAE

“I read through the first edition and I love it! It’s super informative and relevant, and honestly it’s exactly what this region needs.”

Lana Jarrah

Consumer Engagement Manager, Estée Lauder Group, UAE

“It is exciting to finally see a high quality, well researched and MENA industry specific podcast series in the region. The topics addressed by Curated Conversations are always on the pulse of the regional market and the experts featured are innovators everyone would personally want to speak to. A great insight tool during these uncertain times!”

Nancy Pav

Business Development and Marketing Manager, UAE