Founder & Managing Director

A Masters graduate of University of Southern California’s MSc Marketing program, Judy is the founder of Curated Today and Dubai-based boutique market research and brand development consultancy LFHM Middle East in Dubai. Born and raised in Southern California and having worked for high-profile luxury and retail brands such as Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren & Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Judy is highly knowledgeable about our inter-cultural, Middle Eastern retail market and holds an avid passion for consumer insights and psychology.

Judy partnered with ESMOD Fashion Institute in Dubai to teach Luxury Brand Development and is also the Cofounder of EASTWAVE Concept, a virtual pop-up that supports MENA designers reach global audiences.

Curated Conversations Podcast Host

A graduate of McGill University and Parsons School of Design, Rohma has amassed over a decade of experience in the international luxury fashion industry working for brands such as Carolina Herrera, Giorgio Armani, Marchesa, Harvey Nichols Dubai, Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia and NET-A-PORTER. With an avid passion for writing coupled with her love for fashion, beauty and wellness; Rohma is adept pinpointing the underlying societal and cultural themes that impact the industry on a regional and global scale.

As host and producer of Curated Conversations, Rohma has launched the Middle East’s premier industry-focused podcast series which features prominent regional innovators on a bi-monthly basis.


Creative Designer

Shaped by her nomadic experiences growing up in the Middle East and pursuing a business degree in the French Alps, Ysabella is passionate about intercultural exchanges through impactful design and authentic storytelling. As an alumni graduate of Grenoble Ecole De Management, she incorporates her background knowledge in global management to produce cohesive and vibrant content with a cultural context tailored for Curated Today’s audiences. Ysabella is a self-taught graphic designer who finds inspiration from the modernist movement that highly values functionality with aesthetics.

She is also the Founder of ‘Mayumi Collective’ – an online platform featuring emerging design creatives; while also exploring global design trends and offering consultative market insights on branding and content incubation.

Contributing Editor

Having grown up in Sweden and later moving to the UK, Saja is deeply motivated by emerging social and political concerns around sustainability. Saja currently works as a freelance writer and recently published articles at Eco-Age that explores if sustainability has become a westernized concept.

Saja is currently working as a freelance journalist writing about the intersection of sustainability, fashion and social justice and recently being selected for the FashMash Young Pioneers program, recognized to drive positive change in the industry.


Contributing Editor

Born and raised in Bahrain and currently settled in Dubai, Athwifa is a business graduate of Sikkim Manipal University and has been on the pursuit of enhancing her career as a content writer, in the past contributing to coveted publications in the region such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Having lived in the Middle East throughout her life has given her a unique perspective and influenced her writing, enabling her to understand the singularities of different cultures around the world. Athwifa is passionate about culture, food, hospitality and wellness as well as scouting the latest trends.

Contributing Editor

Born in Bangladesh and raised in the Middle East, UAE and Bahrain, Reefaya is a postgraduate from The London School of Economics in U.K. and an undergraduate from Sussex University. Having her life spent six years in England discovering the roles of International Development in various corporate fields, Reefaya joined Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (Interiors and Art division) as a Junior Assistant Editor in hopes to incorporate the influence of sustainable development in the fashion world. With an immense love for sustainable fashion, social development, and art Reefaya has additionally written multiple digital articles for HELLO! Middle East, Grazia Middle East, and AHLAN focusing on these topics. (1)