Write For Us

Apply to write for us to showcase your expertise on our website. We offer a platform to express your knowledge and expertise, which in addition will enable you to promote your business to our audience.

Why write for us?

We want Curated Today to be an enjoyable and a learning experience for our readers; therefore, we enjoy publishing content from experts with unique points of views.

Curated Today is all about providing exclusive content that aids retail enthusiasts in learning new things so that they can apply these insights in their everyday jobs, whether that may be their own startups or at established corporations.

We craft information by researching credible websites and interviewing other gurus and morph this data into digestible and enjoyable content. Readers leave our site with practical knowledge and having felt that they have just met someone new and inspiring. Readers will grow their businesses by taking in reliable and timely knowledge written by the Curated Today team.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
What are the benefits of writing for Curated Today?
  • Advertise your skills on our platform
  • Continue with us as we expand; Curated Today is a growing platform
  • Establish your authority online
  • Reach new readers and gain more followers
Who can write for us?
  • Editors, journalists
  • Freelancer writers
  • Individuals with knowledge and authority on chosen topics
  • B2B agencies
  • SME & established businesses
What type of articles are we looking for?
  • Startup and business stories
  • Innovation and culture news
  • Interviews with other leading experts in the field
  • Brand development
  • Market trend News
  • Opinion pieces

Our content is constantly adapting based on what’s happening around us. If you have a stellar idea for a unique topic not listed above, that you believe will be relevant and distinct, submit it!

What are the content requirements?
  • Original content that has not been published on your own site third parties.
  • Write at least 700 words in length to ensure the article has depth and enough elaboration.
  • 3-5 relevant feature article images.
  • Double check spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Provide your personal bio and if applicable, your business logo (JPEG/PDF)
What is the ideal article structure?
  • Active voice, serious yet approachable tone
  • Choose a relevant title
  • An intro blurb paragraph that introduces us to the article content
  • A ‘Conclusion’ section that includes key takeaways
How do I apply?

Explain to us your potential article:

  • Article title
  • Article theme
  • Summary of your article
  • Describe how the article will benefits our professional readers
  • Word count
  • How long will the article take you to write?
  • How did you come across the opportunity to write for us?
  • Include any other relevant detail in your application

In addition, attach your past writing clippings as a reference and CV (optional). Email the requirements to info@curatedtoday.com and we will be in touch should we accept your application.

Important note

Please note that if we accept your article to be published, we will have the exclusive right to use the article and its contents as they appear in the article and the material you’ve provided. (Video, Images, etc.).

Please take into consideration that we don’t compensate writers for articles that we choose to publish on our platform. We will inform you, the writer, if we make any changes to this Policy.

We reserve the right to deny your article; even if you were accepted earlier on the basis the article didn’t meet our content requirements or writing guidelines.