Age Appropriate Dressing

Dress for the part.

First impressions take only a few seconds to make but last a lifetime. Our appearance through different phases of our lives says so much about us. Hence we strive to be certain that our look is aligned with the representation we want to communicate to peers. Image and Color styling consultant, Silke Styles gives exclusive style tips to dress right for you.

About Silke Styles

Silke is the founder of Silke Styles and an internationally certified Image and Colour Consultant. After finalising her course in Germany at Corporate Color and London’s Style Coaching Institute she joined the S. Academy founded by Celebrity Stylist, Kelly Lundberg in Dubai.

As we transition through life’s stages, our body changes, our hair gets longer or shorter and our taste in fashion evolves. It is important find out how we actively can develop and influence transitions through what we wear.

For example, a milestone shift. Take Ella, a fresh graduate from college who is going for a job interview and wants to communicate maturity, professionalism and her capability of mastering a task. The transition from choosing a casual student dress to instead a professional one, is important in the workplace; if Ella is indeed qualified for the job, her choice in clothes needs to reflect the same in order to increase her chances of being hired. To start, she could dress to fit in with the company’s general dress code, such as a light-colored suit. Also, it is important for Ella to wear clothes that help her feel most confident, since an unfit demeanor may jeopardize her first impression and send an unintended message. Ella should walk into that interview empowered, knowing that she appropriately is dressed for the job.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

In addition, the fit of clothing based on age is one of the most important aspects to remember to embody a sophisticated style. There is a well-known quote: “Mutton dressed as a lamb” which describes a middle-aged person (let’s call her Sandra) who is dressed in clothes that she may have worn 20 years ago. By doing so, she only intends for us to admire her body shape, youthfulness and vitality. Something fresh yet tailored to her body shape will emphasize Sandra’s features that is proud of today. She may emphasize on the ways her shoulders sit, the sleeves of her blouse fall and the hemlines end. If something isn’t quite right, it might be worth her simply visiting a tailor.

Ultimately, it is evident that developing a more sophisticated style as we age will add elegance to our overall looks. Even if we lead casual lifestyles, we can opt for fabrics that help us to move with ease, such as linens or high-quality cottons to avoid saggy clothing. This is the time to invest in quality staples to look and feel our best….. at any age and through any life transition.

Most importantly we must keep in mind, that style represents personality. Think about price per wear when evaluating both luxury and high-street purchases. Even the most classic pieces have an expiration date, so it is ideal reevaluate periodically. At the end of the day, life transitions, as mentioned above, are opportunities for these regular reassessments. So coming back to the initial question: is there age-appropriate dressing? There certainly is one that honors our life opportunities, applauds our achievements and celebrates our unique selves.

"We must keep in mind that style represents personality."