Decoding Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

“In 13 years, Bitcoin hasn’t had a single second of downtime. There isn’t a single other shop, website or service that hasn’t had outage during the time Bitcoin hasn’t.”

– Tobias Young, Chief Investment Officer, Neoflow Asset Management

Crypto Tobias Young Podcast

Cryptocurrency adoption rates are surging, with Chainanalysis reporting a 2300% increase in adoption rates since Q3 of 2019. To better understand the nuances of this multi-trillion dollar market, Rohma Theunissen caught up with Tobias Young, Chief Investment Officer at Neoflow Asset Management and former member of the Global Blockchain Council, to talk about cryptocurrency, how it works, the recent market crash and the potential it holds in the future.


About Tobias Young

Tobias is an accomplished and experienced professional with over 20 years’ experience in financial markets and trading. His financial markets experience spans asset classes including; Equities, Metals, Energy and FX, dealing with all categories of market participants including Banks, Hedge Funds, Trading Houses, Producers, Hedgers and Arbitragers. He has worked under the regulatory auspices of the FCA, NFA, CFTC, DFSA, FRSA and SCA amongst others.

Initially he started his career in London and since 2009 has been based in Dubai, UAE. Prior to Joining NeoFlow Asset Management, he was the Head of Product Development and Strategy for the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) whom he joined in 2015, taking overall responsibility for the development of derivative contracts in Equities, Metals, Energy and FX. Prior to this Tobias built up a wealth of experience in the Energy markets whilst working at Daman Quattro Ltd and BNP Paribas in London. Earlier in his career he was notable by his ability to be flexible, gaining experience in Equities and Metals working at financial luminaries such as; Société Générale, Bank of America and Natixis. Of note from his time at Société Générale, is that he held the distinction of being the ‘Youngest Market Maker’ in London.

Through Tobias’ work with the DGCX, he became a member of the Global Blockchain Council, an initiative of the Prime Minister of Dubai’s Office, and sat on numerous working groups. Previously, the DGCX lead on Blockchain investigation and integration as well as Digital Assets, this has allowed him to seamlessly move from traditional finance into digital finance, where he now sits as the Chief Investment Officer of NeoFlow Asset Management.

Through his work within the different financial market sectors Tobias has built up an innate understanding of how particular markets work and interact. During his career he has maintained a firm grasp of economics and economic scenarios enabling him to move diligently and effectively when needed within trading and regulatory environments.