Could ‘Clubhouse’ be the Next Big Thing for Brands?

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Introducing the newest app on the market.

“Clubhouse? Never heard of it.” Until today. Contributing Editor Saja Elmishri explores the Clubhouse app to see how it would be viable for brands to reach more consumers and in new ways. Are TikTok and Instagram things of the past? 

Most retailers that have closed their physical stores have had to come up with creative ways of delivering an impactful and virtual shopping experience. 

Therefore during these times, retailers have to consider how to use and leverage new technology or apps in this case, that will help them with attracting an audience that is knowledge hungry on specific topics and that wants to spend money on things that matter.

Clubhouse is the newest app that is taking the global citizens around for a virtual tour. Only when invited by a previous member, users can engage in conversation threads, listen into private (virtual) rooms about educational topics and make long lasting connections. Clubhouse is as if Zoom, House Party and podcast platforms joint into one, although this time with an exclusive cult-like feel. Everyone wants an invite these days.

Why is this app so popular? According to Vogue Business, Clubhouse is the new platform that offers “the new intimacy” among the younger consumer group when it comes to brand communication. The app allows users to multi-task; they can join conversations hosted by experts, CEOs and leaders on a multitude of topics ranging from space, entrepreneurship, nutrition and more. 

Why is this app that influential? Well if you think about it, it allows users to create a more meaningful relationship with brands, companies or corporations while also network with like- minded individuals who are privy to certain topics. With lockdown restrictions in place, users are hopeful to be able to meet new people and learn from experts from afar (for free) in order to excel in their careers. This benefits brands, which are always looking for ways of how they can get involved and deliver more personal stories to their customers as well as tap into markets that they aren’t able to have done in the past. If brands know tactfully how to use Clubhouse to their advantage, they will be able to attract and engage with a whole new consumer set that they might not come across before. 

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

So are TikTok and Instagram already on the backburner? Not necessarily, as each app has its uses. We’ve witnessed that with Tiktok, Gen-Z gets their beauty hacks and trends from TikTok; however many brands are reluctant to use it.  “It doesn’t exactly help that TikTok and a platform like Instagram could — hyperboles aside — not be more dissimilar. For fashion and retail brands, Instagram and its illusion of gilded perfection have served as the Great and Powerful app experience for nearly a decade. TikTok is anything but,” claims USC professor and Author Dr. Julie Albright on

So to no surprise, 25 million businesses are using Instagram to market to their target audience across the world since 2017. Due to aesthetically pleasing feeds and the ability to engage with brands through stories and swipe ups, the app is popular amongst both brands and shoppers of all ages. Therefore, we predict that Instagram is here to stay for now. However apps like Clubhouse and TikTok should not be forgotten when it comes to the knowledge-hungry and tech savvy generation like Gen Z. 

As mentioned in the latest Curated Conversations podcast episode on Consumer Mindsets in 2021, guest and Curated Today Founder Judy Daghestani agrees that brands have to focus on how to internationally engage users by putting out more meaningful content. Whether that be in the form of podcasts or this up and coming Clubhouse app perhaps. 

How does this relate to the MENA region? The Middle Eastern user is just as tech-savvy, knowledge-hungry and adventurous as the next person is. Engaging apps will provide users in the region alternative ways of feeling involved in matters especially post-pandemic, that are beyond Instagram Live and Zoom parties. With Clubhouse, more meaningful, free dialogue and connections can happen. This new app gives users the flexibility that Zoom may not. Let us know your thoughts on Clubhouse and follow Saja Elmishri there!