Deciphering Consumers’ Mindsets in Today’s Unprecedented World

“I think it’s a huge exercise for brands, designers, influencers, consumers – and for people in general – to really slow down and think about what’s important. And that actually is going to affect their shopping behavior.”

– Judy Daghestani, Founder and Managing Director, Curated Today

In the inaugural episode of Curated Conversations, we are joined by Curated Today’s founder, Judy Daghestani, who shares her thoughts and insights on the consumer mindset in the post-COVID-19 era and how brands can target each of the key generations that typically form brands’ primary target audiences.

About Judy Daghestani

Masters graduate of University of Southern California’s MSc Marketing program, Judy Daghestani is the founder of Curated Today and Dubai-based boutique market research and brand development consultancy LFHM Middle East in Dubai. Born and raised in Southern California and having worked for high-profile luxury and retail brands such as Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren & Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Judy is highly knowledgeable about our inter-cultural, Middle Eastern retail market and holds an avid passion for consumer insights and psychology. Judy has partnered with ESMOD Fashion Institute in Dubai to teach Luxury Brand Development and also is the Cofounder of EASTWAVE Concept, a virtual pop-up that supports MENA designers reach global audiences.