Defining Entrepreneurship feat. The Jewelry Tales

Samah Wahbeh

Aiming to transform the way users shop virtually since COVID-19.

In this special edition, Contributing Editor Saja Elmishri spoke with Samah Wahbeh, TV personality and Founder of The Jewelry Tales: the Middle East’s first digital magazine dedicated to educating, incubating and selling fine and emerging jewelry brands. Below, Samah enlightens us on her journey as an entrepreneur and how she is navigating it all through during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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About Samah and The Jewelry Tales

With an experience of over 10+ years in the field of jewelry, The Jewelry Tales’ founder Samah Wahbeh brings to the table her immense knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field of jewelry. After dealing with numerous amounts of jewelry, Samah realized that every piece has a fascinating story to tell. A story of creativity and design to ultimately reach the hands of those who fall in love with it. Knowing the difficulty of designing and producing such beautiful pieces, Samah decided to tell those stories from both her point of view as well as the point of view of those designing it. Samah wants to bring each piece to life

Launched in October 2020, this platform has quickly become the go-to platform for jewelry in the region.

Shopping directly from music videos, social media or even livestreams has become more prevalent over the last few years as a way to provide a seamless way to instantaneously shop from any point in the world.

Further, given how the GCC region is rated among the highest on a per capita basis and is typically known “as the jewellery capital of the world,” Samah’s love for jewelry has established itself as the first shoppable platform in MENA. 

“I decided to create a magazine that specializes in fine jewelry and luxury watches by delivering beautiful stories,” says the founder of The Jewelry Tales, a digital platform dedicated to educating readers about emerging fine jewelry brands in the region.

A variety of people have gone into entrepreneurship and the pandemic has made everyone around the world question the office status quo of working – it has allowed people to take control of what matters to them.

When asked about her inspiration of starting The Jewelry Tales and her journey towards entrepreneurship, “I am originally a journalist and love to write, and jewelry is my passion, so I gathered my experience and love for jewelry in one place and establishing my magazine,” Samah added.

In a post-pandemic recovery, consumers have started to buy more clothes again, searching for ways to make up for lost time. Asking Samah how her platform is providing this need to potential shoppers, she added “my platform displays a variety of jewelry, all the way from international to new designers and if readers like what they see – they can easily click on the image and they will be directed to buy the desired piece” [on that brand’s website].”

When asked of how has Samah found establishing the first shoppable platform, she responded with, “it has been 6 months since the magazine was launched and many people thought it was the wrong time, but I continued to persevere” she commented on how the Covid-19 pandemic did not stop her from establishing The Jewelry Tales.

Samah also added how “I am on the right path,” given her recent launch and variety of upcoming collaborations that includes working with jewelry houses based in Geneva. “There will be a sweet surprise that will change the concept of electronic shopping and I can exclusively say that there are plans for a partnership of global shopping television as well,” added Samah when asked for future expansion. 

Samah’s digital platform has become the go-to platform for jewelry in the MENA region so make sure you follow The Jewelry Tales social media to stay updated. 

"...many people thought it was the wrong time, but I continued to persevere."

The Jewelry Tales

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