Heidi Shara, Founder, Wear That

Easing hesitant shoppers' minds during the Pandemic.

COVID-19 has left markets volatile, brands vulnerable and consumers hesitant. Curated ME interviews Heidi Shara, Founder of Dubai-based platform Wear That to examine how a ‘Try and Buy’ business model is flourishing during the outbreak.

About Wear That 

Wear That is a data driven styling platform, where we aim to provide everyday girls  with a personalized box of clothes in order for them to feel confident and empowered and the best they can possibly look, without having to leave the house!

COVID-19 may have launched the global race to distance- everything with no finish line in sight; from distant learning to social distance to contactless delivery – we live in beautiful [yet distant] world, yes we do, yes we do.

With distance comes social and financial anxiety, which means consumers’ general spending powers are shifting. Further, according to Odile Roujol, an industry veteran and founder of the FaB Fashion and Beauty Tech community, “coronavirus will not change the way people choose brands and products but could change the way they shop.” It makes sense that consumers may not want to financially commit to any binding packages or products until their financial stabilities are clear.

Curated Today talks to Heidi Shara, Founder of Wear That in order to assess if GCC consumers seem comfortable investing in the ‘Try and Buy’ concept during COVID-19.

1. Tell us more about Wear That, when you launched and what sparked you to create the concept?

Wear That launched in late 2018 as I knew there was a gap in the market for online styling, having worked as a Buyer all over the world for the last 14 years, as I was already styling my friends for work and parties, I wanted to create a platform that could reach many women that allowed women to look and feel amazing with the help of technology and data.

2. Who is the Try and Buy concept most attractive to in terms of demographics and psychographics in GCC?

It depends on the client, and what they are wanting! How we do our ‘Try and Buy’ service is very unique so we can say our database is a complete mix of nationalities. We cater to mums, businesswomen, travelling to name a few!

3. How has Wear That been performing during COVID-19, considering consumers’ current financial instabilities and shopping hesitations?

We have been doing very well! We obviously adjusted certain parts of our business model to cater to the needs of our clients at home, however our mission is all about making women feel good, so whether that is through content or boxes we aim to provide women with value in everything we do. This is very important for us. We want women to feel heard, valued and even entertained in this time.

4. How does Wear That’s ‘Try and Buy’ format alleviate the burdens of shopping during the consumer’s purchase journey?

We offer convenience and we have experts who are side by side. Wear That was designed for REAL GIRLS! Everyday girls that want to look good, but don’t know how, or don’t have time to go shopping, and providing them with a personal stylist who can help them do this! This kind of service was always designed for luxury clients. We call ourselves a luxury service for everyday girls, as our mission is to make real girls, with real jobs, doing real things, look and feel as good as they possibly can!

5. Why do you think the ‘Try and Buy’ model has a strong future in retail? 

It is all the about the consumer and ‘try and buy’ means the power is with them which is what we are all about! Consumers are connected in every which way, so it gives them time to decide and at a convenience to them is only a win-win.

"We want women to feel heard, valued and even entertained in this time."