Jessica Khouzami, Founder, Jessica Khouzami Interiors

Helping stories come to life.

Founder Jessica expresses her interests in ‘pushing the envelope’ each day. Explore how her day to day goes behind being a passionate designer in the world of interior architecture.

About Jessica Khouzami Interiors

Parented by Al Thuriah Group, Jessica Khouzami Interiors is a leading, boutique residential and commercial interior design firm based in Dubai.

1. If someone had to describe you as Founder in one sentence, what would that be?

A passionate architect and a perfectionist that is willing to push the envelope myself to take my work one step further by combining creativity and imagination with practicality.

2. Describe a day in the life of Jessica Khouzami at work.

After having my morning coffee, I start my day by researching daily innovative designs being developed worldwide to be up to date with the new trends and to widen my knowledge. Then I write down on a blank A4 paper the main tasks for the day in order to organize myself and manage my time to meet strict deadlines without compromising the quality and creativity of my work. Throughout the day, I work closely with my team which consists of draftsmen and 3D artists to complete moodboards, shop drawings, 3D perspectives and material selection. Depending on the day, I plan frequent site visits to the ongoing projects, conduct meetings with suppliers and visit showrooms. Finally I finish my day by sitting down with the team to review the designs and updated drawings in order to prepare for the next day.

3. Tell us about Jessica Khouzami interior and why you launched the business.

I have always been passionate about design and interior architecture. The vision and goal I have for myself is to be a unique and well-reputed interior architect in the Middle East. While I started off my career as a consultant interior architect at “RODA Hotels” in the UAE, I’ve had the privilege to meet some of the best designers and interior companies from around the world and to take part of their journey from conceptual to fully developed and completed projects. A year and a half later, I decided that I was going to take my own path as a interior architect and establish an interior’s company under the umbrella of the family business “Al Thuriah Group”. While I believe everything happens at the right time, it was at that moment that I felt was right for me to start my career the way I had always dreamt it would be. I was confident and committed enough that I was capable of taking on more responsibilities and making important decisions, despite the long hours and pressure that comes along.

Today, I am proud to say that I am running my own team of designers to allow my designs and creativity to turn into reality. As the head of interior, I use my skills to enhance and provide a modern architectural edge to ongoing and future projects developed by “Al Thuriah Group” in addition to other external projects.

4. Jessica Khouzami Interior is not your standard interior design service. Can you elaborate on this?

From the smallest to my largest projects , my energy and dedication remain unwaived. The relationship between a client and designer is very important to me. I ensure that the clients I work with feel safe and comfortable in order to create something magical that makes them both happy and satisfied. Design reflects a person’s personality, lifestyle and experiences. Every project I have designed is unique and has a story to tell. With our knowledge and professionalism, my team and I tailor quality designs that fit our clients’ needs, style and taste.

5. What advice do you have for other aspiring innovators in the region?

To always trust your gut and the first idea that comes to mind. The sky is the limit: Research! Try! Succeed! Fail! But always GROW.

"While I believe everything happens at the right time, it was at that moment that I felt was right for me to start my career the way I had always dreamt it would be."