Jordan’s Emerging Fashion Scene

In recent years, Jordan started sharing its passion for fashion with the world through its talented artists. Below, discover which prominent categories are earning their path to stardom amidst the global players.

Written by: Reefaya Noortaj

The city of Jordan, Amman, holds some of the finest fashion designers in the Middle East. The fashion scene is booming, introducing its textile industry and designers to international audiences. The entrepreneurial fashion scene has provided an extraordinary platform for local talented designers to cement Jordan’s presence in the global fashion world. Amman’s textile and clothing sector has opened doors for diverse job opportunities and greater export to different parts of the world. Jordan’s take on fashion means blending heritage and cultural pieces with modernity.

The emerging fashion scene in Jordan is competitive but that does not stop talents like Jordanian-Romanian global shoe designer Amina Muaddi or fashion designers like Nafsika Skourti. Amina’s rise to fame in the luxury shoe industry is constantly compared with giant names like Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. Known for her signature comfortable flared heels loved by celebrities such as Rihanna and Dua Lipa, her successful and popular collaborations with Browns and rapper ASAP Rocky have been a great hit with luxury shoe collectors. The 33-year old landed another collaboration with luxury hosiery brand Wolford last year despite the surging global pandemic. Not shy of her Arab roots, Amina often reminds people and consumers of her biracial Arab background even though having been raised in Italy. 

Successful Arabs are starting to carry their identity with pride as the world globalizes even further, bridging the gap between international consumers and undiscovered highly talented Jordanian fashion designers. Being one of the most sought contemporary fashion designers in Jordan, also half Greek and Jordanian, to having their line sold in on and offline retailers like Farfetch, EASTWAVE Concept, Harvey Nichols and Ounass, the sister duo is dominating the contemporary fashion scene in Amman. Nafsika and Stephanie Skourti established their brand in their hometown Jordan by experimenting with the power of print, embroidery and precise tailoring to start the brand’s mission which is to make priceless things that contribute to a positive future. The brand is known to be unapologetically alluring in designing womenswear brimming with strikingly cut silhouettes, unique use of hues, and keeping it culturally relevant. 

Image Source: Nafsika Skourti's Website
Image Source: Nafsika Skourti's Website

Jordan’s take on fashion talents is vast, including luxury jewelry designers in the region. Nadia Dajani’s handmade luxury jewelry holds Amman’s presence in the international jewelry industry on a pedestal. Nadia’s exclusive jewelry is adorned by Queen Rania and exudes a perfect representation of contemporary jewelry inspired by the wider Arab culture. Nadia’s unique touch in her work is what separates from other brands, each piece tells a story collected from the country’s rich culture and history such as from the Byzantine to Islamic influence in the region. The brand is not only recognized for its distinctive designs but Nadia made an oath to actively give back to her society through her ‘Art Giving Back to Society’ program, where pieces are hand made by protégée locals artisans coached by Nadia. Lama Hourani, another household name in Jordan, is an international Jordanian jewelry designer who has placed Jordan on the globe in the past decade. Muses like Queen Sophia of Spain, Queen Fawziah of Malayasia, and Renee Zellweger are some of her clientele to date. Her designs are fused with precious stones onto silver to create a playful and rich look, attracting the eyes of many international clients. She explores the symbols of peace, unity and harmony that Jordon vouches for to the world into her designs.

Another booming sector within the Jordan fashion space is bridal couture. Rising Jordanian bridal fashion designers are becoming primary choices for many Arab brides in and outside of the region, especially for millennial brides. Sara Mansour, born and raised in Amman, is one of the top names in the global fashion world itself marking her presence as a top couturier. Sara launched her atelier in Amman, selling unique unforgettable ready-to-wear and bridal pieces to her vast clientele. Raya Bisharat is another young talent taking over the Arab bridal scene, keeping her designs fresh and relevant for millennial and generation z customers. Emerging Jordanian fashion designers, whichever division, understand the importance of upholding their identity and enticing next-generation consumers that help evolve their designs to establish their name in the international field of fashion. 

Image Source: Lama Hourani's Wesbite
Image Source: Lama Hourani's Website

Overall though, the strength behind Jordan’s force in fashion is none other than Shirene Rifai, the woman responsible for running Jordan Fashion Week, which is becoming significant compared to the four big Fashion Weeks in the Western world. Shirene’s vision and mission are to introduce a rich experience for aspiring Jordanian fashion designers as a strategy to optimize this platform to the fullest for designers to attract international audiences. Jordan Fashion Week not only showcases new talents from the country but also aims at formulating humanitarian efforts, tackling economic issues to support tourism, and being a promising platform for local designers to expand globally.

Jordan being an emerging economy, the fashion scene has been an immense contribution to its economy. Not only contributing to their nation’s economy but also sharing the power of inclusivity and diversity to international audiences, these Arab designers are a whole league of super talents yet to be discovered and capitalized on. The dream for the region’s fashion scene is to spread household Jordanian fashion names to the world, which is already happening through international celebrities and global retailers promoting Jordanian fashion designers. A strong element of Jordan’s fashion platform is the nation’s drive for presence in the international fashion industry that is allowing other Arab talents from the Middle East to mark their name internationally.

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