Maryam Al Noori, Managing Director, Worood

Flowers' joyful purpose.

Introducing Managing Director and Owner of Worood,  Maryam Al Noori, whose early and innate admiration of flowers or worood’, drove her to start her venture with a mission to positively contribute to her clients’ every day lives. “It’s not just about a bunch of flowers, but rather the techniques that go into designing them, the understanding of the trends and truly understanding the market and what it needs,” expresses Al Noori below. 

About Worood

Worood was born out of a passion for boutique floral design, in providing the best flower service in the UAE. We believe that everyone should have a little luxury in their life so we apply the same level of care and attention in our customer service as we do in selecting and arranging our luxury flowers.

Yes, we pride ourselves on being passionate about our flowers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we source only the finest quality, seasonal and fresh flowers. We create a new range for each season and calendar occasion. Our innovative and modern approach to floristry make us the best in the region.

1. In a nutshell, describe yourself as the Owner of Worood.

I was one of the first Emirati ladies to set up my own floristry business when I was just 18 years old. I started the business with Intraflora, which is a floral service. Worood was incepted after. Inspired by the Arabic word for flowers, through Worood I aimed to bring to Dubai some of the world’s finest flowers. I was inspired by the city’s rich cultural heritage and how it developed into this new and modern city. This urged me to create my own floristry brand.

2. Why did you decide to work specifically in the flower industry? What is your personal connection to it?

When I was younger, I used to travel to Europe with my parents. Seeing the greenery and the fresh flowers was always wonderful. I always wanted to bring that to Dubai, to our desert landscape through my own floral shop. Today, it is great to see Dubai so fully of flowers and with beautiful landscaping.

3. In your opinion, what are the top 3 most important aspects to master, in order to be a successful flower service provider in UAE?

Flowers are something you have to know inside out. You need to know about their seasons, where they grow, how to take care of them and how to position them in the best place.

4. On your website under OUR PROMISE, Worood states that if offers “exclusive designs by the best artists,” tell us more about this?

We hire young artists who bring creativity, are interested in taking their craft further and truly want to excel in this niche of floristry. They are then trained with master florists from around the world, who are experts in this field. At Worood, we bring new varieties of novelty flowers and believe in creating unique designs.

It’s not just about a bunch of flowers, but rather the techniques that go into designing them, the understanding of the trends (we follow everything from fashion and lifestyle to art and product design) and truly understanding the market and what it needs. Each customer has their own style and their own home and we understand how our flowers will become a piece of art in their space.

5. How do you find purchase behavior has shifted during COVID-19 when it comes to online shopping for bouquets?

There has definitely been a lot of changes. Not only for flowers, but as for everything, transactions are taking place online.  Even though there have been these changes, with flowers you still need to see them in person for that temptation.

6. What is Worood’s point of difference, compared to its competition?

We are a boutique that sells flowers. We also do personalized events. Our events comprise everything from design and manufacturing of the details on the ceilings to the floors and the furniture and crockery. We are also involved in designing the lighting and hold big consultations on the decor and flowers.

Our events are distinct in that we can achieve large scales. We only organize events with 800 or more guests – 2000, 4000 guests and more are doable for us. In a short amount of time, we create something unique for our clients.

7. Is the flower business a volatile market, easily effected by external circumstances or do you think flowers will forever be in demand? Why or why not?

I think flowers will always be in demand. Flowers have been there from the beginning and they are a part of our happy moments and our natural space; they are at the heart of creation. Flowers will stay, however the look and the way they are demanded may change.

8. What is next in Worood’s future?

At Worood, we want to always reinvent based on market needs and changes. We are also aware of how the young generation’s trends are changing and how they would like their floral products to look.

In the future, we would like to see Worood in different countries and perhaps also have a Worood school, where we can teach floral art to the new generation.

9. Any advice for upcoming artists looking to start their own flower ventures in UAE?

Usually a lot of people think floristry is easy. Flowers are a very delicate business. You have to have a lot of love and knowledge, know about what surrounds you, the different types of growers and what they produce. Flowers also have a short life span, thus you need to have a strategy of how to work with your product, where to sell it and what price to sell it at.

Build a brand identity and create something different and creative. People who work with flowers need to be artistic.

"I think flowers will always be in demand."