Nayritta, Owner, Nayritta’s Talk

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Beauty Guru Nayritta, and the force behind the region’s first multi-cultural aesthetic beauty hub, Nayritta’s Talk, elaborates on her top beauty tips and the trending consumption behaviors she’s noticed during the pandemic.

About Nayritta 

Nayri Estepanian, an Entrepreneur known as Nayritta, is a woman driven by ambitions with a lead to the future. She’s an explorer, a strong guide, an intermediate and a connection between the Aesthetic industry and the experts with you.

1. How have consumers’ priorities shifted around beauty? How do you suggest we tackle these beauty goals based on age?

People aged 16 to 60, or even 65, want to look and feel good – all the time! With younger millennials, it’s not recommended for them to opt aesthetic treatments but instead there are so many things that they can do for their skin from home, especially for those have acne or old scar issues.

Aesthetic treatments are now becoming noticeable because the majority of the women and men are trying to slow down the aging process. There has been almost over 82 percent interest in all formats of aesthetic beauty when it comes to exploring plastic surgery, investing in dermatology or utilizing derma cosmetic brands.

2. What kinds of procedures are consumers asking for at clinics during this time where health and wellness are of top priorities?

Some trends I’ve noticed are: recent obesity or weight gain issues that have driven people to ask about plastic surgery or body contouring. Further, some have expressed stressed induced acne issues. Lastly, several people have started Botox, Fillers and anti-aging dermatology treatments during this slow period at home. From the health and wellness perspective, I see people investing in healthy eating and exercising more often leading into summer.

Photo by globencer on Unsplash

"The majority of women are trying to slow down the aging process."

3. Which beauty routines can people do at home to feel their best right now, if avoiding clinics due to social distancing?

An ideal beauty routine would be to involve Derma cosmetic products such as skin care + anti-aging products and hyaluronic acid. Using these products at home can make your skin clearer and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Most importantly, don’t forget to apply sunscreen when outside to prevent skin damage.

Also, for healthy skin it’s imperative to follow a regimented day and night routine. For example, you can hydrate your skin at night by thoroughly washing and applying specific combinations of creams in order to wake up feeling refreshed. Continue in the morning with using the anti-aging face masks and and firming creams. Fortunately, even with social distancing, you can still do in safe, in-person consultations with reputable doctors who will prescribe you a personalized treatment.

4. Are clinics sending at-home service or beauty kits to peoples’ homes?

Clinics are not sending any home services due to regulations around this set by the Dubai Healthcare Authority. Any clinical procedures have to happen in the clinic or to the hospital. With regards to the beauty kits, these should be bought from the clinic or from the pharmacy with a prescription and be advised by a doctor. However with regards to using dermal cosmetic products from L’Oréal or Zein Obagi for example, they can be found online via platforms such as Basharashop and be delivered straight to your door during COVD-19.

Happy, convenient and safe shopping!