The Future of Publishing and the Gen Z Reader

“Gen Z get their news from Instagram, they get their beauty hacks from TikTok. They’re not buying newspapers, they’re not even going online as much as Millennials – it really is [mainly] social media. We posted a beauty review on TikTok and it got 300,000 views in 24 hours. That kind of reach doesn’t happen with print. Digital is instant and its global.” 

– Milli Midwood, Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan Middle East 

This week, Rohma Theunissen caught up with Milli Midwood, Cosmopolitan Middle East’s youngest-ever Editor in Chief, to talk about the shifts and challenges faced by the Middle Eastern publishing industry, the evolution of print and digital magazines and strategies for catering to the region’s Gen Z reader.

About Milli Midwood

Having lived and grown-up in Dubai for the past 27 years, Milli has seen first-hand how the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries have evolved – and continue to grow – across the UAE. Milli has worked at a number regional titles, including OK! Middle East and Grazia Middle East before joining Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia, where she headed up the digital team for three years. Now, as editor in chief of Cosmopolitan Middle East, Milli is spearheading the largest young women’s media brand in the world in a new, inclusive and exciting direction.