Unlocking KSA’s Market Potential

“This is the first time we are opening our doors to allow people in but also for us to export our culture to the rest of the world. I think it’s a really exciting time.”

– Marriam Mossalli, Founder, Niche Arabia

With Saudi Vision 2030 firmly underway, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing an unprecedented metamorphosis. Rohma Theunissen caught up with Marriam Mossalli, Founder of the Kingdom’s premier luxury brand consultancy Niche Arabia, to talk about the evolution and changes taking place, the Saudi consumer and what it takes to succeed in one of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.

NOTE: This episode was recorded virtually as Marriam is based in Jeddah and Rohma is based in Dubai – so there are a few glitches in sound but we think that makes it the conversations even more authentic!

About Marriam Mossalli

Marriam Mossalli is the founder of Niche Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s premier luxury consulting agency, where she offers strategic planning, communication services, and marketing implementation for international brands entering or reestablishing their position in the Saudi market. A self-made female entrepreneur, she began her career in the fashion industry as a lifestyle editor and journalist, developing a global network of contacts that has allowed her, as a publicist and branding guru, to build a portfolio of blue-chip luxury companies, among them Mercedes-Benz, Fendi, Piaget, Harvey Nichols, and Christie’s. Marriam, who has the unique distinction of being the only Saudi national on the prestigious Business Fashion 500 list, recently published Under The Abaya: Street Style from Saudi Arabia, a photography book that explores the progressive attire of the contemporary Saudi woman.

About Niche Arabia

The premier luxury communications agency since its inception in 2011. Through a multifaceted approach to publicity, marketing, branding, and consultancy, Niche Arabia generates creative initiatives that position its clients for optimal market penetration and sales in key markets throughout the Middle East. Featuring a portfolio of esteemed international brands from various industries such as automotives and FMCGs, to beauty and fashion, Niche Arabia has conceived groundbreaking events, media campaigns, and activations across the GCC, establishing itself as an invaluable resource for companies seeking to engage the Khaleeji consumer. Clients achieve strategically placed media coverage and publicity in collaboration with a world-class team of multilingual publicists, marketers, branding experts, and content creators, who drive business development through innovation while maintaining key brand positioning.