Why Return On Experience Is The New ROI

“The idea that a focus on experience has helped Apple go from a $2 billion company to a $3 trillion, you could argue there’re some profit there.”

– Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO, Eight Inc.

Tim Kobe Podcast

Return on Experience (ROX) is the new ROI, but what exactly is ROX and how do we effectively implement it? To better understand the concept Rohma Theunissen caught up with Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO of Eight Inc, Chairman of X8 Ventures and the man behind Apple’s iconic store experience to talk about his game-changing book, Return on Experience. In an exclusive interview, Tim breaks down the importance of human experience design, its key components, the significance of ROX, how it’s measured and just why human outcome needs to be at the heart of every brand’s strategy.

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About Tim Kobe

Tim Kobe is a globally recognized designer, thought leader, keynote speaker and author. Tim is founder and CEO of Eight Inc. and Chairman of X8 Ventures. Sometimes called “Apple’s best kept secret” Tim wrote the white paper for Apple retail and worked directly with Steve Jobs during his second period as CEO at Apple.

Today, Eight Inc. is one of the most progressive strategic design firms working employing leading designers and strategists working across 11 offices including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu, Tokyo, Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

8 is helping to transform organizations to be relevant in the worlds most highly competitive environments by looking at the design factors that drive successful human interactions. 8 has received international design awards and has been published in Asia, Europe, and the United States.