2022 World Blockchain Summit Dubai

Singapore headquartered Blatform will take part in WBS Dubai, one of the world’s most influential events in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, both as a sponsor and a participant.

The World Blockchain Summit Dubai, the most influential crypto and blockchain conference in the Middle East since 2017, will return to an in-person format event after the pandemic, on 23-24 March 2022. The focus will be on Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, the Metaverse, Web 3.0 ecosystems, and their wide-reaching effect on commerce, culture, and communities. WBS Dubai provides an unparallel networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, governments, developers, industry enthusiasts, and global media.

The UAE, especially Dubai, is known for its active stance on crypto and blockchain technology. With more than 100 organizations operating in the crypto space via the DMCC Crypto Centre, the very recent approval of the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Law in Dubai highlight how the market is making strides in the development of a “Cypto-friendly“ structure that fosters investment and growth in blockchain adoption. Against this backdrop, the WBS event in Dubai — the first face-to-face industry event in almost three years — is set to make a big impact in the sector.

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Ertan Turhan, CMO, Blatform emphasized the importance of WBS and said: “Considering the environment that Dubai provides when it comes to blockchain and crypto enablement, we believe that this is the perfect opportunity to generate business potential for Blatform. It offers the unique opportunity to come together with industry stakeholders across finance, manufacturing, retail, and more to truly understand how each industry views the blockchain opportunity, and how we can help to develop an eco-system to deliver on that vision. ”

At WBS Dubai, enlightening sessions will be held with the participation of competent figures in the Blockchain and Crypto space in response to some of today’s most pressing questions in the current industry. Panel discussions on new ideas, industry highlights, use-case-studies, desk chats will present new methods for future technology planning. Ali Erkan Konak, COO, Blatform, said, “Blatform, the Singapore-based tech company, will review presentations, use-case-studies, and educational sessions of global technology providers showcasing their latest innovations designed and start new collaborations while focusing on enabling businesses and organizations to adopt Blockchain and Crypto solutions.”

In addition, WSB Dubai will also hold the Startup World Cup competition, with a prize of USD 1 million. Comprising a total of 30 contestants, the Competition has set a precedent for attracting the world’s brightest minds across the globe. Participants who will compete in the system will be entitled to fly to San Francisco in addition to the USD 1 million prize.

Press Release: BLATFORM

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