Gymkuma’s “Hidden Gyms” Initiative

Inspired by Amman’s geographical and architectural landscape, the Gymkuma sports brand announced the launch of its unique and novel initiative, which serves to encourage the citizens of Amman to adopt healthy practices through regular exercise at Amman’s “Hidden Gyms.” Or in other words, the city’s roads and stairs.

Being an emblem of charm and beauty, the sports brand decided to leverage on Amman’s unique appeal, as well as charming streets, to propose this unique initiative and capitalize on the available resources. This endeavor seeks to help the residents of Jordan’s capital by providing them free and easy access to fitness and exercise opportunities, particularly for those that lack the capability to enter gyms, whether that be due to financial or timing constraints.

Orest Sv via Pexels

“We are increasingly aware of the difficulty that comes with committing to exercise despite its inarguable necessity and importance to physical and mental health. Therefore, at Gymkuma, we wanted to leverage and capitalize on the beautiful pathways, roads, and stairs the citizens of Amman often pass by without a second glance, deciding to create ‘Hidden Gyms,’ the optimal and most accessible gyms for a healthier lifestyle,” said Hassan Abdul-Hadi, Founder and CEO of Gymkuma.

Adul-Hadi expressed his optimism, hoping that this innovative initiative will be a new beginning which will motivate more Jordanians to take care of their health at any time and without any significant costs.

Press Release: Gymkuma

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