House Of Pops Opens At Marsana Beach

The combination of Sea, Air, and natural ingredients, hand-crafted recipes, sustainability, and happiness in the form of refreshing ice pops have become a reality as House of Pops heads to the coast for the opening of its very first location at Marsana Beach on Hudayriat Island in the UAE capital. 

Termed happiness on a stick, House of Pops offers everybody the chance to indulge in guilt-free snacks, with a great selection of refreshing mostly fruit-based lollies that are rich in Fibre and free from artificial colorings, flavorings, and refined sugars. Not only are these ice pops fun, but they are also a fabulously delicious way to get you closer to your ‘Five A Day’ and with a growing selection of 27 tropical and traditional ice pop flavors in its Happiness, Keto, and Royal range, beachgoers are set to be spoiled for choice.

House of Pops
Image Source: House of Pops

House of Pops ice pops are inspired by health, taste, quality, sustainability, and fun, a frozen treat made from fresh fruit, and are the perfect way to hit the refresh button on a hot day while enjoying a beach day with all the family.

House of Pops is a return to nature on a stick in your flavor and absolutely nothing else. Life just doesn’t get better than that, does it? As well as our best seller ‘Mango’ you can also choose from tantalizing flavors such as Fancy Choco, Super Strawberry, Galactic Lime, Crazy Coconut, Blackberry Lemonade, Pineapple Basil, and so much more. So, head to the beach today and cool down in nature with a refreshing House of Pops ice pop. 

Besides promoting a healthy lifestyle, House of Pops are also an eco-friendly and sustainable company with all their packaging being either biodegradable or compostable (plastic-free).

Press Release: House of Pops

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