Nahdi Medical Company Completes The Launch Of Its E-Pharmacist Service

Nahdi Medical Company, Saudi Arabia’s largest pharmacy retail chain and growing healthcare services platform, completed the roll-out of its ‘Ask the Pharmacist’ service; an electronic service providing free virtual consultations with a Nahdi pharmacist to Guests, anytime, anywhere.

This is the latest addition to Nahdi’s continuously evolving suite of services, bringing the full end-to-end health and wellbeing ecosystem to the fingertips and doorsteps of its Guests, and aligning the company with multiple Vision 2030 targets around digital transformation and facilitation of access to healthcare services.    

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Speaking on the launch and Nahdi’s pivotal efforts in driving digital transformation, Yasser Joharji, Chief Executive Officer at Nahdi Medical Company said: “Digital transformation is a key pillar of Vision 2030, and Nahdi is entirely committed to not just supporting this mandate, but also to see it through to fruition. Through the ‘Ask the Pharmacist’ service, our community of 2000+ pharmacists will be available at our Guests’ fingertips to address their health and wellbeing needs, beyond the barriers of time and place. With a capacity to host over 2000 pharmacists virtually, our e-pharmacist services remain unmatched.”

On setting a new Guinness World Record, Joharji added: “Our recognition by Guinness World Records is testament to our market-leading position and continued innovation towards enhancing our Guests’ experience. I would like to thank the Guinness World Records team and our exceptional talents that continue to deliver unparalleled value to our Guests.”

The power of digital transformation in increasing the accessibility of quality health and wellbeing services is tremendous. Over the years, Nahdi remained committed to providing superior quality care with complete online and offline optionality. The “Ask the Pharmacist” service will make Nahdi services available to an even wider audience.

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Hani Ismail, Chief Marketing Officer at Nahdi Medical Company said: “The launch of the ‘Ask the Pharmacist service marks Nahdi’s continued commitment towards the lifelong relationship that we have with our Guests. We are, and always will be a Guest-centric company. It is this commitment and passion to provide our guests with the best experience that drives us towards leveraging technology to improve access to health and wellbeing services. The “Ask the Pharmacist” service is an addition to our well-established omni-health offerings designed to meet the comprehensive needs of our Guests. The seamless integration of all our services will significantly contribute to further transforming the delivery of health and wellbeing services to millions across the Kingdom and beyond. As leaders in the retail pharmacy sector, Nahdi has the service that no other pharmaceutical company or healthcare network in the world has – to connect over 2000 pharmacists with the community. Nahdi is here to help and serve as a partner to the Ministry of Health in its digitalization efforts and look forward to working together closely to enhance patient accessibility.”

The official launch of the service took place at the Fairmont Hotel in Riyadh, in collaboration with Guinness World Records.

The invitation-only event was in celebration of a recently set record by Nahdi where 2,371 Nahdi pharmacists participated in an online discussion on recent and future trends in the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing the strength of Nahdi’s pharmaceutical workforce and the company’s capabilities in catering to its Guests larger pharmaceutical needs.

The ‘Ask the Pharmacist’ service will now be available for all Nahdi Guests across the Kingdom.

Press Release: Nahdi

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