Starbucks Celebrates Bluewaters Island Reserve Store

Starbucks marks a milestone with the opening of Bluewaters Island Reserve in Dubai, its 1,000th in 14 markets, solely operated by Alshaya Group in the region for the past 22 years as part of an ongoing focus to bring great coffee to customers, wherever they are at throughout the day.

Drawing inspiration from the waterfront’s vibrant and diverse surroundings, the unique design of the Bluewaters Starbucks Reserve reflects the coffeehouse’s evolution in the region and the commitment to constantly transform the business to meet the changing needs of customers for increased convenience, connection, and personalization. As the Starbucks store portfolio evolves, the formats and locations of new stores are being tailored to optimize the unique Starbucks Experience for MENA customers.

The Starbucks Bluewaters Reserve store brings a signature immersive coffee experience with a sleek design. It offers a range of high-quality, rare, and responsibly sourced Arabica coffee beans, and the finest brewing methods in addition to global favorites. The wider selection of food and freshly baked pastries straight from the oven, a unique feature for the first time at Starbucks, make it the neighborhood’s favored third place outside work or home to connect over a cup of coffee.

Starbucks Reserved Cup
Bruno Cervera via Pexels

“We’re delighted to commemorate Starbucks’ 22-year journey in the region with the opening of our 1,000th store. Our new Starbucks Bluewaters Reserve destination represents our commitment to brand authenticity, constant evolution, and continuing to strengthen our ties with the local communities. Alshaya Group was pleased to introduce Starbucks to the region in 1999 in Kuwait. Rapid expansion saw us open our first Starbucks location opened in the UAE in 2000. Since then, we continue to draw upon the region’s century-old coffee traditions which have inspired an evolving, innovative modern coffee culture that is multi-sensory and inviting. Our Starbucks Bluewaters Reserve is a true embodiment of our approach.

We will continue to expand our stores into prime locations; evolve our products and services through innovation; and pioneer sustainable coffee practices. These elements give us the ability to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time,” comments Andy Holmes, President of Starbucks MENA at Alshaya Group.”

Starbucks takes pride in being part of the fabric of the local community serving millions of customers and positively impacting many others through the support of local neighborhoods and cities. Alshaya has steadily grown the presence of Starbucks in the region with just over 1000 stores in 10 MENA markets, employing over 9500 partners (employees). 

Press Release: Alshaya Group

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