WILD FABRIK Joins The Sustainability Tribe

Dubai-founded SME, WILD FABRIK started the new year with the ongoing mission to merge fashion with sustainability, in its new partnership with Sustainability Tribe. Sustainability Tribe, the UAE’s pioneering, pragmatic sustainability educational resource founded by a sustainability expert to raise social awareness to create a consumer movement & inspire Climate Action, is proud to give support for our joint initiatives in making sustainability commonplace in the region.

With a wide range of women’s, kid’s, and men’s fashion, alongside accessories, beauty, and home goods; all in one e-commerce platform, WILD FABRIK offers a new perspective with the best of both worlds: keeping us accountable but still looking good. Like no other in the region, the e-commerce platform features over 40 small independent eCo brands with over 1,500 sustainable products that bring a bit of flair to the sustainable world.

The founders, Gergana Abdulrahman, Reine Naoum, Alexis Gibson, and Khalid Abdulrahman came together with a wild mission to provide a more natural lifestyle through a wide range of options that were not available in the region previously. Their platform continues to grow with over 20 new brands launching in the coming season and many more lining up to join.

Press Release: WILD FABRIK

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