XPEDITION Launches Magazine In The Metaverse

XPEDITION Magazine, Dubai’s leading luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle magazine, launched its latest magazine cover in Metaverse powered by Spatial and The Meeting Place, an immersive 3D digital meeting place. XPEDITION Magazine has created history as the first-ever magazine in the Middle East region to have launched a magazine cover in Virtual Reality (VR) in partnership with Spatial and The Meeting Room.

Virtual Reality Headset
Martin Sanchez via Unsplash

Speaking about the innovative and historic launch, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of XPEDITION Magazine Josh Yugen, said: “This NFT cover launch for BINI and BGYO were designed to shift our conception of online interaction and ultimately create a space where all can come together to work and/or play in virtual reality.”

Press Release: XPEDITION Magazine

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