Zulal Wellness Resort Announces Official Opening

The resort is managed by Chiva-Som, a globally acclaimed pioneer in wellness and lifestyle transformation with 26 years’ experience honed at its flagship resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. Zulal, the first full-immersion wellness resort in Qatar, and the largest in the Middle East, has been brought to life by Qatar’s premier master developers, Msheireb Properties.

Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine is derived from the Canon of Medicine written by physician-philosopher Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna), in 1025. In its contemporary form, TAIM is distilled from over a millennium of evidence-based wellness practices into a range of treatments and programs aimed at supporting health in the 21st century, with an emphasis on restoring life balance through herbal medicines, spiritual therapies, dietary and mind-body practices.

The Zulal wellness experience is built upon six pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, Spa, Physiotherapy, Holistic Health, and Aesthetics. TAIM will be infused throughout each, together with restoring body, mind, and spirit to optimum health in a sustainable manner.

At Zulal Wellness Resort, there are two distinct paths to achieving wellness goals: Zulal Serenity and Zulal Discovery. Zulal Serenity is the adults-only area of the resort for guests aged 16 and above, with 60 rooms and suites offering a calming backdrop to individual journeys of wellness. Programs are tailored to individual health needs, whether for relaxation, detoxing, weight management, or fitness, with seven programs on offer for adults. Extensive wellness facilities include thermal and hydrotherapy suites, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa suites, a well-equipped gymnasium, exercise studios, a state-of-the-art physiotherapy studio, and an aesthetics center. And with a digital-detox policy in public areas, the vastness of the desert surrounding, and the ocean within view from every room, guests are able to fully disconnect and naturally re-energize.

Zulal Discovery caters to guests seeking family experiences and to make wellness an integral part of the family bond, with programs customized for multi-generations and specific age groups. Facilities have been designed by child and family specialists to bring families together. Accommodation is offered in a range of set-ups across 120 rooms and suites.

At Zulal Wellness Resort, guests embark on wellness retreats that are personalized to their health needs and lifestyle goals. All wellness retreats are inclusive of accommodation, all meals, a health and wellness consultation, daily treatments, and unlimited access to wellness facilities and group activities.

Family programs are centered around wellness for the whole family, teaching children the value of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with age-appropriate developmental activities. While younger children are encouraged to explore, with nature-based outings, arts and crafts, older children spend their time being active, with kayaking, dancing, and personal training. Balancing physical, mental, and emotional elements of wellness, they will also be introduced to meditation and healthy cuisines. Retreats are divided by age groups, with four for children, and separate ones for parents and grandparents.

As part of the holistic wellness experience, Chiva-Som is renowned for its healthy cuisine innovation and presentation, and Zulal Wellness Resort will also feature high-standard Arabian, Mediterranean, and fine dining restaurants. Menus are bespoke, nutritious, and include halal and vegan selections, created using premium natural ingredients. Guests are guaranteed a transformative culinary journey, which can be continued long after they return home, with the help of dedicated nutrition consultants. At Zulal Discovery, there are dedicated children’s menus to encourage a healthy approach to food from a young age. Cooking classes are an enjoyable time with a Zulal chef to learn how to cook healthy food at home to maintain wellbeing in daily life.

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Zulal Wellness Resort is committed to the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Qatar’s National Vision 2030’s interconnected pillars – particularly environmental development. Committed to achieving a sustainable environment in Qatar, Zulal believes that personal wellness goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. As part of its sustainability mission, Zulal Wellness Resort launched its Mangrove Conservation Programme to protect local marine life, partnering with the resort developer Msheireb Properties. The Programme’s Mangrove Education Centre teaches guests about the biological value of the mangrove ecosystem and engages them in hands-on planting to conserve this unique national plant. This Programme is aligned with Qatar National Vision’s environmental preservation and protection goals through an environmentally aware population that values the preservation of the natural heritage of Qatar.

In addition to The Mangrove Conservation Programme, Zulal Wellness Resort’s overall sustainability policies include other initiatives such as beach cleaning, the use of eco-friendly and local products, sustainable operational practices, and a targeted zero-waste approach. Zulal Wellness Resort was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification, celebrating its emphasis on sustainability. Zulal will also mainly rely on homegrown and locally sourced produce and has invested in energy conservation and wastewater treatment technologies.

Eng. Nasser Matar AlKawari, CEO of Msheireb Properties, says, “We are pleased to be launching Zulal Wellness Resort and partnering with the internationally renowned Chiva-Som. Zulal Wellness Resort will be a leading destination in Qatar, welcoming guests from across the globe who are passionate about their health and wellbeing. It is our aim to become the destination of choice for TAIM therapies, which are deeply rooted in Qatari and wider Arab culture”.

Mr. Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som, says, “We are delighted to partner with Msheireb Properties in managing this groundbreaking new resort in Qatar. At Chiva-Som, we believe in a holistic approach to wellness, drawing on the indigenous traditions of each destination. Zulal Wellness Resort continues Chiva-Som’s journey of pioneering and sustainable development, bringing a contemporary take on ancient wellness practices and incorporating them into the over 400 wellness treatments we offer at the resort for complete wellbeing and life transformation”.

Mr. Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort, adds, “We look forward to welcoming guests to such a unique experience in the Middle East. While rooted in tradition, Zulal Wellness Resort is thoroughly modern in its results-oriented wellness offering, and we cater to guests’ needs with a beautiful setting, expert consultants, and recognition of the holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit”.

Press Release: Zulal Wellness Resort 

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